White Doe

Sustainable Slow Fashion Label

Each piece you collect has been handmade to order in our little UK studio from ethically sourced fabrics and garment dyed in the colour you have chosen. It is a passion of ours to provide an array of earthy and vibrant shades, that we mix each time. We take pride and comfort in creating timeless pieces that are very intentional, and that are as far away from mass production and fast fashion as we can.

White Doe Mini

Soft, organic clothing for your special little ones.

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Truly honestly, I wanted to cry when I put it on. It is truly the most beautiful and sacred thing I own. Makes me feel magical with its long elegant sleeves, and SO comfy. I can't wait to see how it ages and I can't wait to make magic whilst wearing it.

Lotus Dress

Your clothes make me feel better than any man ever could...

Chloe mini Dress

The MOST BEAUTIFUL jacket arrived this morning and I've not taken it off. It is like wearing a hug. And like the skirt, I can feel it is made with so much love & care. Thank you thank you.

Doe Jacket

It's sooo comfy and warm. Plus the attention to detail astounds me. The embroidery on the arms is my favourite bit!

Custom Embroidered Doe Jacket

The dress fits so perfectly, you are a magician! It's so so beautiful, thank you.

Bamboo Wrap Dress

I'm so obsessed with my jacket, I feel bad for my other jackets because they just don't get worn anymore!

Cropped Doe Jacket

The skirt is magical! It is one of the most beautiful items I've had the pleasure of wearing, its an absolutely perfect fit- please keep my measurements!

Ree Ree Skirt

Am so loving my cropped sweatshirt - it's so soft and lovely on the inside and washes beautifully. Even wearing it for zoom yoga classes!

Cropped Prairie Sweatshirt

I adore your beautiful designs! They fit so well... Your designs make women feel wild!

Bamboo intimates