Each piece is handmade to order, and we gratefully would like to make you aware that our estimated wait is 4-5 weeks thanks to this lovely growing community ordering with us. Please feel free to contact us if you're ordering with a specific date in mind before purchasing.

Our Fabrics


Care Instructions

When taking care of your beloved White Doe clothing, we recommend washing on a 30 or 40 degree gentle cycle. Any higher temperature or more vigorous cycle may result in shrinkage. Warm/hot ironing is possible, and is recommended for the bamboo silk to ensure its silkiness endures the test of time. We also recommend using natural detergents where possible, and to err on the side of caution if scrubbing of (inevitable) marks as this can remove colour.

Order Process

Each piece is handmade to order, and with just myself in the studio there is currently an estimated 2-4 week waiting time. I'd like to thank you in advance for your patience and appreciation for slow fashion, and welcome freely any queries regarding specific sizing requirements or time frames at hellowhitedoe@gmail.com.

Due to the nature of our natural weaves, the Oeko-tex dying process we use can sometimes result in areas of deeper or lighter variation/spotting on the fabric of our clothing. This is a natural and unpredictable part of the process we love, as it gives each piece a unique identity, and we hope you trust our creative authority to continue sharing such pieces. As each piece is handmade and the dye mixed to order, while we provide you with colour samples on all of our listings so you are as best informed before purchasing as possible, the shade of your piece may vary to a very small degree, as it is one of a kind. 


On the shorter journey our pieces embark on when making their way to you, we also feel it is important to only use packaging that reflects one of our core beliefs in reducing waste that the fashion industry is renowned for. That is why we only use recycled & recyclable boxes, stickers and tissue paper produced partially using renewable energy sources, and we ask that you reuse/dispose of your packaging responsibly. 

A little about the fabrics we use...

White Doe clothing is designed to be kind to the body that it encases, and the land from which it is born. We are currently working with a supplier that sources an array of ethical fabrics, we've selected our favourites based on how they feel on the skin, how they are to work with and for longevity. Each piece strives for timeless, durable style that will journey with you for many years to come.

Organic Hemp is a fast growing plant that enriches the soil it grows in while only requiring 50% less water than other crops to harvest. Whilst being one of the strongest natural fibres, hemp is also biodegradable, thermo-dynamic and a huge leap toward a sustainable future in fashion. 

The growth and harvest of the bamboo plant is self-renewing, producing zero waste- a core element at the heart of White Doe. Bamboo also produces 30% more clean oxygen than an equivalent mass of trees, and absorbs high levels of greenhouse gases-Japanese research demonstrates that bamboo holds a potentially crucial role in stabilising our planet's atmosphere through these processes. Our bamboo fabric is organically grown, then processed into viscose using a closed loop system, with the finished fabric being Oeko-tex certified free from harmful substances. Bamboo viscose is also a vegan, cruelty free alternative to silk without the even higher cost that peace silk demands.

Organic cotton essentially means that the soil, air and water remains free from harmful contaminates while protecting your skin from nasty chemicals. We do however have plans on moving on to alternative fabrics for our fleece items in the near future. 

When cutting our designs, it is important to utilise as much of the fabric as possible to produce as little waste/scrap fabric as possible. With the very small amounts produced, none goes into landfill. So far we have used these for 'home' pieces, including (but not limited to) cushion fillings.