Our Story

Founded in 2018 from a lifelong desire to create style crafted with sustainable practices, I ultimately came to compose collections of clothing handmade from natural, organic fibres- each piece made to order and individually garment dyed, an entity of sustainable fashion with low carbon footprint and naturally vegan. 

With a nomadic heart and an ever-intensifying inspiration found in the tactile designs of cultures around the world, you'll find a heavy Japanese influence in my clothing, with an eye for the colours of the Mongolian nomads, and the folds of fabric layering found in folk clothing.


Jane dressing Jemima who wears the Satin hemp/silk blend Bolero and Trouser
Lucy in the Unska Flightsuit in Japanese Pebble

I always dreamed of a canvas to adapt to every stage of womanhood, finding this when I started to create beautiful adaptable timeless pieces. My clothing is my artistry. Each piece an original painting, never a print. 

Every cut, fold, and stitch an effort towards conscious consumerism and sharing my textile art, delivering totally unique items as fast as my hands can lovingly make them.

White Doe embodies an eclectic spirit in the world of slow fashion, a love child of elegance, comfort and style. 

Ginny in the Brooklyn Sweatshirt and Flight Trousers in Lilac

What evolves is practical everyday pieces with a hint of the romance and nostalgia of far away lands.

For I am a romantic- when it comes to designing I've most likely had a dream, waking to quickly sketch it in the book I keep bedside. It's a healing process, for both my brain and for the movement to escape fast fashion.

Every piece feels linked to another world, a different time and place - continued on in my clients.

White Doe is an emotional, family-centred brand. Founder and mother Jane dreams, designs, and makes your clothes. So beautifully captured in their truest essence by daughter Chloe occasionally on dauhgher Josie, and so eloquently shared with the world by daughter Rhianna.

Introducing our women of SS24 Jemima, Lucy, Ginny, Seryn, Mina & Janine