White Doe Colours

While we are unable to photograph every style in every colour that White Doe has to offer, we've put together this page where you can view our colours in each of our fabrics in some shape or form. You are more than welcome to contact us for advice, but we hope you will be able to use this resource to inspire your choices for your special pieces.

Please note that each piece is garment dyed to order, so variations do occur. It is a passion of ours to provide an array of earthy and vibrant shades, that we mix each time. We find excitement in seeing the final result for every piece we make. 


~ creamy, natural vibes with a vintage hue.

Oat in organic hemp 


Oat in bamboo silk

Oat in organic quilted cotton & organic hemp 



~ like the softest petals of a dusty yellow rose, hinting toward the beauty of a dried rose.

Yellow rose in bamboo silk 

yellow rose in organic hemp (and bamboo silk behind) 



~ imagine the peel of an orange licked by a flame. Richest in the silks, duskier on other fabrics.

 Burnt orange in organic hemp 


~ a rich, earthy orange/red hue with brown undertone.

Rust in organic hemp


rust in bamboo silk



~ red with a hint of orange, like a perfectly ripe tomato.

tomato in organic hemp 

tomato in bamboo silk


Desert Rose

~ a warm, dusty, deep pink.

Desert rose in organic cotton fleece

desert rose in organic hemp fleece

desert rose in organic hemp

desert rose in bamboo silk


Pink Salt

~ a light pink, often a blend of cooler and warm tones, like the best Himalayan salt.

 Pink Salt in bamboo silk

Pink Salt in organic hemp


Pink Salt in organic cotton fleece 



~ a golden tone, true to its name.

Sand in organic hemp (shows variation)

sand in organic cotton fleece 



~ a neutral colour with undertones of brown and grey and a hint of lilac, both warm and cool at the same time.

 Mushroom in organic hemp fleece

mushroom in bamboo silk

mushroom in organic hemp 



~ a dusky chocolatey colour.

 Cacao in organic hemp 

cacao in organic quilted cotton

cacao in bamboo silk 



~ “raven” for silk as the finish has a lot of depth to the black, whereas “coal” on the hemp/fleece/quilting appears more of a brushed and dusty black.

Raven in bamboo silk

coal in organic hemp

coal in organic cotton fleece

coal in organic quilted cotton (currently unavailable)



Midnight Blue

~ a rich blend of navy/indigo tones, like a clear sky after dusk.

Midnight blue in bamboo silk

midnight blue in organic hemp

midnight blue in organic quilted cotton (currently unavailable)

Himalayan Blue

~ like the distant ice tipped mountains, a mid blue.

Himalayan blue in organic silk 


Himalayan blue in organic hemp (shows variation) 

himalayan blue in organic quilted cotton (currently unavailable) 


~ like the clearest summer sky. Rich, light, fresh.

sky blue in bamboo silk 

sky blue in organic cotton fleece

sky blue in organic hemp (the outer layer of hand quilted jacket) 



Forest Green

~ a luscious green, as you’d imagine the trees after a summer rain.

 Forest green in Bamboo silk 

Forest green in organic quilted cotton (currently unavailable)



~ a warm, Mediterranean mid green with a yellow undertone.

olive green in organic cotton fleece 

olive green in organic hemp 

olive geeen in organic hemp fleece (and hemp trousers) 

olive green in organic quilted cotton (currently unavailable)



~ a rather neutral blend of greeny grey tones.

khaki (dark shade of) in organic hemp

khaki (on the lighter side) in organic quilted cotton 

khaki in organic fleece 

khaki in bamboo silk